Imagine a world where writers and other artist weren't expected to live in poverty, waiting on that lucky break to set them free. Imagine a world where simple tasks performed by human hands today were entirely handled by robots. Imagine a world where creativity was truely valued.

We see this world coming. It's inevitable, and it will be here before we know it. When it does, we will be ready, as a creative outlet to help all artists to make a living wage from doing what they love to do!
It is our mission to help every single writer and artists get the exposure they deserve. 

We do this by creating a community around collaborative storytelling. We also sell promotional products through our online store, products designed by our members. 
(The online store is under construction.)
Infinity Fiction was founded by Buster Shadwick Jr in 2017, 
but the seeds were planted long before then...

From a young age, Buster had a passion for reading and writing. Then, while at university studying business management, he fell into the world of community theatre and had his eyes opened to many other forms of art. He met many talented artists that were scraping by, doing jobs that had nothing to do with their passion for creating. Frustrated with this, he knew something had to be done.

And so, the groundwork was layed. Even still, it would take another four years after Buster had graduated with his bachelors degree before the idea for Infinity Fiction would come to light, straight out of a dream, like many great ideas!
(To be continued...)
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