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Everything we do is to promote our members, and now is the right time to join! 

Eventually, members will be able to join right here, from our website. There will be a free membership option AND a premium option that will grant access to many exciting features. One very exciting feature will be a system for making your money back by posting content to the site, such as writing or uploading your art. Members that do well in this system, will even make a profit!

For now however, the infrastructure for this is not in place, so we offer a low cost membership through our Patreon page. For $5 a month, you will have access to weekly patron-only posts, to keep you in the loop. You will also have access to promo codes, pre-orders, and more!
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We value our partnerships beyond measure!

Without having a strong partners, any business is bound to fail, whether it be silent partners, such as lawfirms and accountants, or more public partnerships. At the moment, we are fully equiped with silent partners, but soon we will be looking for more public partnerships. 

Specifically, we will be looking for local game stores that would like to cary our game, "The Temporal War". Eventually, we expect game stores far and wide will be hosting "The Temporal War" tournaments. So if you are a store owner or a regular customer at your local game shop and you would like to learn more, please email us using the link at the bottome of the page, and use "Store Partners" in the subject line.

When the time comes, we will also be looking to partner with publishing companies, production companies, and all kinds of entities involved with the entertainment industry. All good things come in time however, so we are in no rush to seek out these conections now. On the other hand, if you are in a decision making position at your company, and you see your company's vision aligning with ours, feel contact us as mentioned above. Use the subject "Possible Partner" if you are contacting us for this reason.
The world is smaller than you may think!

We don't claim to be fortune tellers, but it's not hard to see the pattern. One day, Earth will be ran by its people, operating as one planet, instead of individual countries. It's all thanks to social media and the internet.

On that note, here are our social media channels!
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Our social media channels are still new or underused as of June 2021.
Please forgive the lack of content, as we start the exciting journey of delivering fresh and engaging posts!

As an added benifit to becoming a member, we can repost any of your projects to our social media channels, at your request! There's strength in numbers, as they say.
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