The Temporal War

This is our original card/board game, where we combine elements from your favorite trading card games, dice battle games, and abstract strategy games. The end result is a magnificent clash of wills.

Players are encouraged to roleplay as their main character, in an epic battle to defeat their opponents and gain unimaginable power. Meanwhile, the defeated are trapped in a purgatory-like state of existence, never to return home.

Very soon, "The Temporal War" will have its own Facebook page and other social media channels, as well as a Kickstarter or Indiegogo (yet to be decided which one).

The First Planet

This will be our first major collaborative story written by the Infinity Fiction community. The story revolves around the first planet in "The I.F. Omniverse". (See below.)

It will also be the home planet to the opposing races that are found in "The Temporal War". Thus, the lore behind the game will come from the community. Characters that are made in the "The First Planet", will have the potential of becoming actual cards in the game.

The I.F.

The I.F. Omniverse

In a few years, after "The Temporal War" and "The First Planet" have their own following, we will begin to expand our story. Just as the universe is ever expanding, our stories will grow in number and depth. 

Moreover, we will be actively seeking partnerships with publishing companies and producers, providing them with their own universe within our Omniverse. In this way, we will bring fan-fiction writing into the next age, where unknown artists can have fun and get discovered in the process. 

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